Oh, hello

I'm Lucy

Creative Technologist. Digital Strategist. Project paratrooper.

I work with clients, teams, and stakeholders to solve problems and get things done. The difference I bring to a project is that I blend creative thinking, a strategic approach, and the in-depth technical knowledge to outline exactly how we’re going to get meaningful results out of great ideas. I can understand and develop business goals, while also having the skills and experience to design the technology infrastructure to get there.

Some cool things I’ve done:

  • Spoken at conferences in Canada, the United States, England, Ireland, and Sweden, including the UK Business Angels Summit and the Web Summit.
  • Mentored over 2 dozen start ups through accelerators like Techstars and 500Startups
  • Built a social following from nothing to 30,000+, managed online communities of over 5,000,000 for global brands
  • Published a few books with international distribution (but that’s a whole other story)
  • Was called “wonderful and charming” by Matt Cutts

Want to see my experience and current location? Check out my LinkedIn.

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Talk to me about a project. Other popular topics include my dogs,
cycling, or unconventional toppings on pizza.